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HTML not required

Add and edit content right on the site! No HTML. No authoring programs. No FTP. No Uploading.

No headaches

iSchoolSite does not require you to have any knowledge of HTML coding...ever.

You can format your text exactly the way you would if you were using your favorite word processing software. Simply type in your content and enjoy familiar formatting controls such as bolding, italics, font color or size, and more! Just highlight the text you wish to change and use the formatting buttons right there on the screen!

There's more good news. If you do know HTML and would like to use it, you can! iSchoolSite's is sophisticated enough for experienced web designers and is also user-friendly for the novice user.

No file uploading required

iSchoolSite provides the easiest, quickest, and most logical way to modify your website. Simply go to your website and log in: you'll see your site and the controls for adding and editing. No longer do you need to find local files to make modifications or updates - everything is on the site.

When you're finished making changes to your site, you really are finished! When you've completed an edit, or added new content, just hit the "Submit" button and-voila! - it is now fully functional.


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