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Adding Content

This is the best part!

Adding new pages is a snap!

Adding a new page to a website has never been easier. When you are logged in as an administrator you can click on the "Add New Page" button and a blank page is created. Name it, add your content, and indicate its position on the website. When you are finished, click "Submit", your page is immediately added to the site and appears in the site menu and sitemap.

Editing pages is even easier

To edit a page, just go to that page and click on the "Edit this Page" button. The page will refresh with an array of new controls giving you the ability to make changes. Click on the "Submit" button when you're finished. That's all there is to it!

Multiple Administrators

You can assign multiple administrators so the job of updating the site can be shared. Simply create distinct usernames and passwords to limit access to relevant pages. For example, the admissions office can update the admissions portion of the site. Your school newspaper can be given free reign to update the news section. Department chairs can be responsible for keeping their department section up-to-date. Teachers can even have their own class and homework pages! The administrators' unique usernames/passwords allow them to update only the pages to which you've allowed access.

Complete website access is available to the top administrator. This administrator can assign new passwords and can jump in to perform an emergency fix anywhere on the site.


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