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Automatic Features

iSchoolSite does half the work for you!

Automatic Menu

Your iSchoolSite menu edits itself! Whenever you create a new page in the site, a link for it will appear automatically in the menu. How's that for saving time?

Calendar / Events

Adding an item to the calendar couldn't be any easier - add a calendar item and tell iSchoolSite what day to display it and the calendar is updated! Each department can post relevant dates on their own. (We wouldn't recommend giving this access to all of your teachers!)

Adding an event is similar to a calendar item, but you can add even more information -- even photos. When you add an event, the calendar is automatically updated. All calendar items and events within the next week are displayed on the front page of the website.


Your iSchoolSite will make it easy to 'spread the word.' The News feature allows you to post anything that's timely and new. Just press the "News" button, add a headline and your story, and provide a start and end date. The most recent news stories are automatically added to the front page, but you can also access all of the news. This is a great way to get the students on the school paper to pitch in!


Was there an unexpected snowfall last night? The Alert feature allows you to quickly add an important message that appears on every page in the site.

Automatic Site Map

Every page in your iSchoolSite will be instantly represented in the sitemap.

Automatic Upload

This part of iSchoolSite is just so good we simply have to mention it twice. When you update or create a page, it's automatically uploaded as soon as you hit that Submit button.


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Automatic Features

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