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iSchoolSite is a complete website solution created by the same team that brought you the acclaimed It's an exciting new way to maintain a website. Its unique approach is the easiest, quickest, and most logical way for your staff to keep up a site.

iSchoolSite is a database-driven, automated website which gives your school unparalleled power in providing features and content. At the same time, it does half the work for you! Most notably is that there is no need for HTML coding, ftp uploading, authoring programs or even local files.

With iSchoolSite, updating is accomplished by visiting the site itself. By logging in as an administrator, you'll see the actual website with one exception: you'll have an array of controls available for updating and adding pages.

iSchoolSite allows you to create pages, sections, calendars, and more by using a simple interface - the website itself! When you enter the website using your special login, you'll see your site and the controls for adding and editing.

Many features are completely automatic. For instance, when you add a new page the menu and sitemap are automatically updated. You don't have to do all of the work by yourself. You can set administrator levels so multiple staff members can update their own sections. You control which sections can be modified and by whom. The built-in template allows administrators to add content without disrupting the appearance of the site - keeping your cohesive "look" intact and safe.


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